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LTD Companies ready for sale

What is a ‘ready’ company?

A company registered in Companies House, which has UTR number (company’s Unique Taxpayer Reference) and is registered as active for Corporation Tax and sometimes with VAT certificate (VAT number).

What are benefits of buying a ‘ready’ LTD company?

  • Saving time needed for company registration (only 15 min is needed for changing company structure)
  • Possibility to starting trading immediately
  • Better company prestige as the result of existing for specified period

What is the procedure of selling a ‘ready’ LTD company?

Signing a sales agreement
Delivering two copies of original documents confirming:

  • Identity (eg. copy of passport)
  • Address (eg. copy of a driving license, copy of utility bill)

Payment for an invoice
Shares of ownership transfer
Transference of documentation to a new owner

Additional services after the transfer of a company

  • Change of a company name
  • Apostille documentation ordering
  • Change of the company registered address
  • Lending our office’s address
  • VAT registration

List of registered LTD companies for sale:

Name Date of incorporation UTR, CT VAT Price Info
IT WEB CONNECT LTD02.06.2020activeno£1000address paid until 01.06.2021
QBIC CONSULTING LTD29.05.2020activeno£1000address paid until 28.05.2021
REVENTOR LIMITED27.05.2020activeno£1000address paid until 26.05.2022
IT KENTOREL LTD04.06.2020activeno£1000address paid until 04.06.2022
GREEN BUTTERFLY LTD 09.03.2020activeno£1000address paid until 31.03.2022
BLUE NEFERTITI LTD 09.03.2020activeno£1000address paid until 31.03.2022
Prosperous Consulting Ltd6.02.2019activenosoldaddress paid until 6.02.2020
Yoemkin Limited6.02.2019activenosoldaddress paid until 6.02.2020
Tlendors Limited 6.02.2019activenosoldaddress paid until 6.02.2020
Geangin Logistics Ltd6.02.2019activenosoldaddress paid until 6.02.2020


I authorize the use of my data to receive information (or quotes), my data will not be sold or distributed to other companies. I may at any time request to be removed from this database.

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